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What is aluminum die casting


2023-12-30 00:02

5 Steps in Aluminum Die Casting Process

Step 1. Material Melting

Step 2. Mold Tool Mounting and Clamping

Step 3. Injection or Filling

Step 4. Cool and Solidification

Step 5. Part Ejection/Part Unloaded from Molding


1. Good product quality: the size accuracy of the casting is high, which is generally equivalent to level 6-7, or even up to level 4; the surface finish is good, which is generally equivalent to level 5-8; the strength and hardness are high, the size is stable and the interchangeability is good.

2. High production efficiency: high machine productivity, for example, the domestic JIII3 horizontal cold air die-cast aluminum machine can die cast aluminum 600 to 700 times in eight hours on average, and small hot chamber die-cast aluminum machine can die-cast aluminum 3000 to 7,000 times every eight hours.

3. Excellent economic effect: Due to the advantages of accurate size and clean surface of die-cast aluminum parts. Generally, it is no longer used directly for mechanical processing, or the amount of processing is very small.



1. When die-casting aluminum, due to the high speed of liquid metal filling cavity and the instability of liquid state, the general die-cast aluminum method is adopted. The casting is prone to stomata and cannot be heat treated.

2. For concave and complex castings, die-cast aluminum is more difficult.

3. It is not suitable for small batch production. The main reason is the high manufacturing cost of die-cast aluminum, high production efficiency of die-cast aluminum machines, and uneconomical small-volume production.


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What is aluminum die casting

The application of die-casting process has high production efficiency, which can die-cast die-casting parts with complex shapes, accurate size, clear outline, high surface quality, strength and hardness.




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