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Hannover Messe


2023-12-30 00:02

The Hannover International Industry Fair has a history of 70 years. It is not only the largest industrial exhibition in the world, but also exhibits It shows extremely high technical content and is recognized as one of the most important platforms connecting global industrial design, processing and manufacturing, technology applications and international trade. So far, it has become "the flagship exhibition in the field of global industrial trade", "the barometer of world industrial trade" and "the wind vane of global industrial technology development". The China exhibition area totals 13,000 square meters and more than 900 companies. The 2016 Hannover Industry Fair clearly showed that the age of Industry 4.0 has arrived and is sweeping every industrial field. The exhibition paid special attention to current hot topics such as intelligent production, human-machine collaboration, innovative subcontracting solutions, and intelligent energy systems.


Hannover Messe


Hannover Messe


Hannover Messe


Hannover Messe


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