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In some cases, the car engine gear maintenance


2023-12-30 00:02

The main reason for a hot car is that after a long period of parking, the oil in the engine flows back into the oil sump at the bottom of the engine, so it is necessary to heat the car. The correct hot car method should be, after starting 30 seconds to after a minute on the road, but do not drive with high speed right now, should keep in low speed, the engine speed is not more than 3000~3500 turn to limit, generally maintain 2000 turn, otherwise the engine and gearbox by the fierce wear and tear but cannot recover. After the engine temperature rises to the normal operating temperature (it will take about 3 to 5 minutes), we can resume normal driving.

When the car in the water, do not start twice, otherwise it will cause irreparable damage to the car engine. In the event of personnel safety, the vehicle should be pushed out of the deep water immediately to ensure that the engine air intake does not absorb moisture and that it is parked in a safe place. Remove the distributor cap, dry it with paper towels and reinstall. If the inlet is flooded, the air filter must be replaced and the spark plug removed to drain the combustion chamber.

Specific practices should be: open the engine cover, remove the cylinder line, will spark plug removed, and then start the engine, the water inside the engine cylinder can be through the spark plug hole is engine, keep the key in the starting position after 5 seconds to loosen, restart the engine after 10 seconds 5 seconds, so three times, basically can be water from the engine. However, if the engine does not start when the spark plug is removed, the engine has been killed and can only be treated in the maintenance station.

Overheating of an engine can cause some damage to the engine. If the temperature of the car engine is too high, the owner can carry out some checks:

1. The fan motor does not work or the fan clutch fails to cool down normally.

2. The three-way catalytic converter is blocked or the pipe is broken, resulting in blocked exhaust and overheating of the engine.

3. The pipe of the cooling system is broken, causing the loss of coolant and the heat dissipation can't work normally.

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